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CEO Placement

At ProValue, we understand that attracting top talent can be time-consuming, costly and complex. With ties to cooperatives for more than 60 years, we specialize in helping agriculture cooperatives, credit unions and other agriculturally focused companies and businesses find top leadership. Our human resource professionals assist boards with all aspects of CEO placement.


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How it Works

Our CEO placement process focuses on just that, the process. We take boards through the essential steps in marketing and vetting candidates for CEO placement, including:

  • Marketing the Opening
  • Collecting Qualified Applicants
  • Assisting in the Development of Interview Questions
  • Assisting in the Background Checking Process
  • Managing the Process of Obtaining All Paperwork Needed from the Candidate for a Legal Recruitment Process
  • Testing Candidates
  • Assisting with Compensation Strategies
  • Assisting in Correspondence with the New Hire and Candidates Not Selected

Openings are completed from start to finish, within 90 days when possible, so as not to cause a strain on the board, employees or patrons.

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