Interactive, Fun and Informative Employee Training Programs

Training Services

Are there specific areas in which you need your employees to improve and excel? Perhaps you would like to improve as a manager or supervisor. ProValue offers both on-site, company-specific training and off-site, regional employee training programs that are interactive, fun and informative.


Off-Site Employee Training

ProValue offers regional employee training at specific locations or through webinars. Our events are open to agriculture cooperatives, credit unions and other agriculturally focused companies and businesses obtaining insurance services through our parent company, KFSA. Visit our Upcoming Events page for a full listing of upcoming employee training sessions.

Upcoming Events

On-Site Employee Training

Prior to on-site, company-specific employee training sessions, ProValue conducts a needs assessment with the organization. Assessing the organization allows us to develop and present a customized training program. Popular programs we have previously created and/or facilitated include those listed below:

  • HR 101 and HR 102
  • Supervisory Management Training
  • Sales Tactics and Strategies
  • Customer Service Training
  • Peak Performance Management
  • Communicating for Success
  • Anti-Harassment/Anti-Discrimination Training for Management and Supervisors
  • Preventing Harassment in the Workplace for Employees
  • HR from the Trenches: Managing Your Employee Files
  • Budgeting Skills for Supervisors
  • Financial Statement Analysis for Supervisors
  • New Supervisor’s Tool Kit
  • Managing Versus Leading— How to be a Successful Leader
  • Effective Communications and Business Writing
  • HR from the Trenches: The Hiring Process
  • Developing Professional Presentation Skills
  • Franklin Covey Seven Habits of Highly Effective Managers
  • Franklin Covey 5 Choices of Extraordinary Productivity
  • Franklin Covey Project Management for the Unofficial Project Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much do the services offered by ProValue cost?

    ProValue offers customized consulting services and training. This is often based on the size and scope of the organization and the work. We price per project and clients may also purchase days of service to allow for project flexibility. The average project is around $2,500. Our on-site day fee is around $975 per day. Cooperative member/owners and the insurance customers of KFSA do receive our most competitive pricing.

  • Does ProValue only work with coops or ag companies? 

    No! Our roots are in the agriculture sector and we are proud of our work, but we do work with all kinds of business large and small. From agriculture companies, local governments, family owned business and corporations, we consult in many different sectors and on many different levels.

  • Do all ProValue consultants have a certification/are they certified? 

    Most of our staff is certified by the Human Resource Certification Institute or the Society of Human Resource Management or both!

  • Do all ProValue consultants do the same thing?

    Yes! Our consultants are generalists in nature and can consult on most areas of HR management and compliance. However, each individual consultant often does have areas of specialty or expertise.

  • What services can ProValue provide off-site if not in the current travel area? (How does this work?) 

    Most of our HR consulting services can be offered remotely. We can also do some of our training programs via webinars. With technology, geography is not as big of a constraint as it used to be!

  • What training does ProValue provide? 

    We provide training programs that are focused on three key areas: leadership, communication and HR compliance. Within these three areas, examples of training we provide would be Peak Performance Management (our signature management training program), customer service training, new supervisor training, HR 101 and HR 102 in addition to customized sessions based on the client’s needs.